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July 14, 2020: Parents/Guardians - Please Complete the School Intentions & Transportation Commitment Form

We are asking all families in the Spring Grove Area School District to please complete the Commitment Form for the 2020-21 school year indicating your intentions for having your child(ren) attend SGASD school(s) and your transportation plans for the entire school year. Your responses are essential to help us further develop our school reopening and transportation plans. 

We understand that extenuating circumstances could occur during the school year that may cause the need for your family to make a change. We are committed to working with you to do what is best for your child(ren) if/when these circumstances arise. We also understand making a decision without many details is challenging. While more specific information is forthcoming, please know we will continue to deliver instruction and social/emotional support with the same fidelity and rigor your family has been accustomed to at Spring Grove. 

Prior to completing the Commitment Form, please read the important information below that may assist you in making decisions for your family. You may also visit the School Reopening/COVID-19 webpage for more information.



  • Middle School & High School: Drop-off 7:00 AM; Dismissal 1:35 PM
  • Intermediate School: Drop-off 8:00 AM; Dismissal 2:45 PM
  • K - 4 Elementary Schools: Drop-off 8:00 AM; Dismissal 3:10 PM



  1. Traditional Instruction - physically in the classroom, five days a week, adhering to the recommended health and safety guidelines as feasible.
  2. Distance Learning - learning will take place at home via Schoology using the district-issued iPad with content taught by SGASD teacher(s). The lessons and activities will parallel the instruction that is taking place in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to interact virtually with the teacher and the students in the physical classroom while at home. In most cases, students will have access to the same courses as students physically attending school. For students in grades K - 4, parents should be prepared to assist their child with support from the classroom teacher on a daily basis. Students in grades 5 - 12 will need to be able to work independently with parental oversight as needed.
  3. SGFlex Cyber Academy - SGASD’s in-house full-time cyber program may or may not be facilitated by SGASD teachers. SGFlex is a self-paced learning platform that operates independently of traditional classroom instruction. Students will learn the same content and standards, but will not be directly connected to a physical classroom like they would in distance learning. In this environment, students will have access to core courses and will only be able to participate in a minimal number of electives. AP and honors courses are currently not available in SGFlex. This option is best for students who are able to work independently without virtual interaction with students and teachers. For students in grades K - 5, parents should expect to spend 3 - 5 hours per child facilitating cyber learning each day. Students in grades 6 - 12 will need to be able to work independently with parental oversight as needed. 

If you have specific questions about the Distance Learning or SGFlex programs, please contact your child's Building Principal. Contact information for each Principal can be found on the school building's webpage.



Buses will seat a maximum of two students per seat and will keep family members together, when possible. If you have questions, concerns, or extenuating circumstances in regard to transportation, please contact Lori Stine at 717-225-4731 ext. 3024.



We must follow the Governor's order for wearing a face covering when leaving home. All students and staff will be required to wear a face covering (mask or face shield) in school and on the bus, with consideration for exceptions for the health and wellness of certain students or staff. Face shields will be available and encouraged for staff to wear, especially when working with certain student populations where being able to see a person’s full face is essential to learning and social/emotional support. 


YOU MAY ACCESS THE COMMITMENT FORM HERE. Please complete the form by midnight on Sunday, July 19th. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the Commitment Form and for assisting us in our school reopening planning.