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The Middle School STEM competitors recently placed 1st out of 56 teams in the LIU 12 K’Nex Design Challenge!  Congratulations to Riley Emig, Evan Hess, Caitlynn Hilt, and Isaac McNeal on this huge accomplishment! 

From left to right:Isaac McNeal, Caitlynn Hilt, Evan Hess, and Riley Emig

From left to right: Isaac McNeal, Caitlynn Hilt, Evan Hess, and Riley Emig



Hard at work!

The team hard at work!



The winners!

The winners!



The team & their instructors!  From left to right: Mr. Sengia,Evan Hess,Riley Emig,Caitlynn Hilt,Isaac McNeal, & Mrs.Rhodes

The winners with their instructors!  From left to right: Mr. Sengia, Evan Hess, Riley Emig, Caitlynn Hilt, Isaac McNeal, and Mrs. Rhodes