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Students of the Month

 Qualities of Student of the Month




Completes assignments

Works well with others

Makes a strong effort




Acts as a role model

Prepared for class

Participates in class







Team 7-1: Peyton Ruhland, Caleb Wisner, Madyson Warren, Noel Alvarez-Chavez, Finley Ritenour, and Adam Bell      

Team 7-2: Laila Campbell and Brennan Smith  

Team 7-3: Avery Spangler & Madison Bortner

Team 8-1: Alazay Maddox and Aiden Hale    

Team 8-2: Angelina Fontana and Adam Gross          

Team 8-3: Chase Sowers & Charity Berkheimer       

Art: Mairiah Pena            

FCS: Drew Parks and Hayden Dixon

Spanish: Laura Jeffers & Brooke Bohnert

German: Shania Berkheimer and Aidan Hamme   

Library Aide: Shania Berkheimer 




Team 7-1: Reagan Anthony and Leland Klinedinst

Team 7-2: Dominic Derienzo and Morgan Schnell 

Team 7-3: Bailey Haines and Jack Mummert 

Team 8-1: Naudia Zimmerman and Brayden Wagman

Team 8-2: Lily Snyder and Jacob Harman

Team 8-3: Anthony Cuffaro and Madison Rayman

Art: Natalie Hunt

FCS: Brooke Walker

Spanish: Tara Hausner and Max Trimmer

German: Kya Frey and Hayden Cleck

Library Aide: Isaac McNeal






Team 7-1: Emily Huber and Logan Frye

Team 7-2: Brielle Baughman and Matthew Conley

Team 7-3: Anna Snyder and Kevin Martinez Zuniga

Team 8-1: Emma Osborne and Alexander Orenzoff

Team 8-2: Dustin Stevens and Piper Krill

Team 8-3: Hayden Cleck and Lila Bohnert

Art: Taylor Weatherly

FCS: Olivia Spaide and Lorelei Hoffman

Music: Jeffrey Haper and Emily Rodgers

Spanish: Emily Sentz and Jonathan Patterson

German: Kailee Dayett and Brennan Smith

Library Aide: Lexi Behne




Team 7-1: Tori Kehm and Christian Prowell

Team 7-2: Kristen Mummert and Eli Angle

Team 7-3: Alicya Stein and Luke Smyser

Team 8-1: Kayley Nelson and Olin Phoutthasinh

Team 8-2: Gracie Shaub and Camron Gracey

Team 8-3: Sarah Czapp and Zach Gemmill

Art: Mekhi Workman

FCS: Haley Hake and Lindsey Weidman

Spanish: Alexis Bennett

German: Caralyn Neff and Emma Osborne

Library Aide: Evan Winchel




Team 7-1: Gabriella Allender and Ke'Juan Booker

Team 7-2: Haley Hake and Landen Leppo

Team 7-3: Catherine Hess and Nathan Odachowski

Team 8-1: Allison Hostetler and Devin Shahinian

Team 8-2: Kai Akstull and Barbie McCoy

Team 8-3: Nicholas Vitale and Madisyn Kerr

Art: Anna Snyder

Spanish: Lily Snyder and Hunter Scrivens





Team 7-1: Brooke Herr and Addison Stambaugh

Team 7-2: Kara Harris and Avin Myers

Team 7-3: Brianna Walker and Marques Wilson

Team 8-1: Andrew Osmun and Emily Ramsay

Team 8-2: Levi Snyder and Charlee Kurtz

Team 8-3: Daniel Saldana-Chavez and Kya Frey

Art: Emma Osborne

FCS: Megan Moyer

Music: Anna Martin and Jacob Ross

Spanish: Piper Krill and Adam Bell

German: Henry Rumbaugh and Evan Winchell

Library Aide: Ashlyn Fissel





Team 7-1:  Haylie Klein and Landon Bailey

Team 7-2:  Amani Camp and Logan Shearer

Team 7-3:  Ashna Thomas and Brighton Stonesifer

Team 8-1:  Tara Hausner and Kyle Lillich

Team 8-2:  Evan Winchell and Hanna Mowrer

Team 8-3:  Mekhi Workman & Ellie Rapson

Art:  Hayden Dixon

Music:  Abigail Murren, Gracie Shaub, & Gavin Lange     

Spanish:  Ethar Abdou & Andrew Osmun

German:  Ava Gist               

Library Aide:  Jaden Madara





Team 7-1: Wendy Zheng and Tanner Grim

Team 7-2: McKenzie Boyer and Henry Rumbaugh

Team 7-3: Racheal Fadare and Jaden Rice

Team 8-1:  Madison Payton and Logan Morales

Team 8-2:  Hunter Scrivens and Anna Watson

Team 8-3:  Camden Sterner & Abigail Sanchez

Art:  Barbie McCoy

FCS:  Ava Gist

Music:  Brianna Buckley and Kayden Riggin

Spanish:  Sophia Dotterweich and Beau Schuman

German: Cameron Klinedinst and Matthew Sheaffer

Library Aide: Ava Plummer






Team 7-1: Sophia McCachren and Jacob Ross

Team 7-2: Ava Gist and Daylan Barrick

Team 7-3: Mackenzie Fritz and Conner Grim

Team 8-1: Dahgan Anderson and Brooke Bohnert

Team 8-2: Trenton Leggett and Destiny Wilson

Team 8-3 Cameron Davis and Logan Altland

Art: Emily Huber

FCS: Piper Krill

Music: Tori Kehm and Logan Morales

Spanish:  Allison Hostetler and Soygun Ismayil

German: Gabriella Allender and Natalie Hunt

Library Aide: Hanna Mowrer