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December 11, 2020: Parent Communication - Updated on New Mitigation Orders & COVID-19 Dashboard

Dear Rocket Families,

Yesterday afternoon, December 10, 2020, the Governor announced new protective mitigation efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. The new orders directly affect in-person extracurricular school activities and all athletic programs. Please continue reading for more information on the new state orders and for details on the new SGASD COVID-19 Dashboard.

Per the new guidance from the state, from December 12th through January 4th, all K-12 in-person extracurricular school activities and all K-12 athletics activities are suspended

Today, December 11, 2020, the District has implemented a COVID-19 dashboard to provide parents/guardians and the community with an at-a-glance view of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in the District. The dashboard will be updated daily by 5:00 PM Monday through Friday on normal operating school days.

IMPORTANT: The dashboard is NOT an indicator or predictor of school closure. Any determination of further action will be in consultation with the PA Department of Health and will be communicated to our Rocket families via our Sapphire Notification System.

As you review the dashboard numbers and the communications we have sent, you may wonder why the District has not closed a particular building where the reported numbers seem to be high. It is important to understand the dashboard reflects all cases that have been reported by the District to the PA Department of Health. As reported to you in our communications, some of those cases had no reportable close contacts that directly affected school operations or resulted in any student/staff quarantine. It also reflects students and staff that are not directly in our school buildings or may not have been in direct contact with others in our school buildings, such as Distance Learning, SGFlex, transportation services, non-instructional buildings, etc. Although some of the positive cases do not directly affect school operations or students and staff in our buildings, we report them to you to be fully transparent. 

Please note that simply reporting a number of confirmed positive cases on a dashboard is not a conclusive indicator of viral spread or future school closure. There are many factors to consider. I cannot stress enough that our priority is to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. Again, as of this communication, the majority of positive cases reported by staff and students are coming as a result of interactions outside of our buildings, not spread through our schools. 

Click to view the SGASD COVID-19 Dashboard. The dashboard is housed on the COVID-19 Information subsite on the District website.

We continue to ask for your vigilance and cooperation in complying with the PA Department of Health guidance. It is critical that if your child is feeling unwell, is exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms, or has tested positive for COVID-19, that you keep him/her at home and contact the building principal or school nurse immediately. 

Thank you for your cooperation, support, and understanding.

Dr. George W. Ioannidis