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February 2023 Staff Recognition - Congratulations!

March 20, 2023

December 2022 Staff Recognition with pictures of each winner

Each month, the District recognizes staff members who have exemplified the Learning Without Limits tenets (connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, owning the learning, and solving complex problems), as well as those who have been a vital link or chainmaker. All SGASD staff are invited to nominate and be nominated.

The staff members chosen for the February recognition are below, as well as a description of each category. 

Congratulations, everyone! We applaud the amazing work that you are doing each and every day!

February 2023 Staff Recognition Winners

Engaging In Rigorous Learning:

  • Derrick Roy - NSE
    • "Derrick goes above and beyond when it comes to engaging his students. He does a fantastic job differentiating his learning for each student. Normally, you will see him working in a small group with different sets of students, making sure they understand each step of whichever math process they are learning. Throughout the year, it is evident the progress his students make, whether it is academic or social. He goes above and beyond for his students and works hard to make sure they are knowledgeable about all concepts."

  • Jamie McKim - SGI
    • "Jamie stepped into a new position this year teaching science. Jamie had never taught science before, and she was given the opportunity to not only teach it but to teach it all year long compared to SGI's half-year of science. When you walk into her room, it is full of scientific buzz and energy. She has her students constantly engaged and loving science. Her classroom is full of rigor and excitement. She has really developed a culture of learning through investigation and exploration. It is a wonderful sight and an amazing atmosphere of excitement and learning opportunities. The students have really blossomed this year as they explore science with her."

Connecting With Others:

  • Angela Saylor - SGI
    • "Angie goes above and beyond helping with community projects. Her students are making things for shelter dogs, she organized the collection of "Fill the Bus" goods, and helps with our announcements on our broadcast system. Angie always lends her time and energy to help others. She leads by example, and her students often have leadership positions in our school system as a result of Angie's work."
  • Susan Moore - SGI
    • "Susan has a warm and caring personality, and students, parents, and staff seek her out for advice. She has helped countless district families through difficult personal times such as death, severe illness, fires, incarcerations, divorces, etc. She has organized the collection of gifts for students in need at Christmas. She distributes food weekly to our Backpack participants. Susan's compassion and professionalism are an asset to the district."

Owning The Learning:

  • Julia Baer - SGAHS
    • "Julia serves on our Lighthouse Leadership Team and is dedicated to building a culture of connectedness at the high school. Most recently, Julia and her colleagues have worked together to help our staff 'sharpen their saws' and to build relationships."

  • Tammy Galuppo - SGAMS
    • "Tammy has done an amazing job of educating our parents on using the Sapphire system to manage their student's attendance. From personal phone calls to emails, plus friendly reminders. She is also a fantastic faculty resource on everything the support staff (and even faculty) need to know to manage all things work-related. Her knowledge of the school district and her gracious willingness to share her insight and experiences are a benefit to the entire district's support staff. She is an irreplaceable asset here at the Middle School." 

Solving Complex Problems:

  • Dr. Joseph Intrieri - SGAMS
    • "Joe is accessible, compassionate, and responsible. He always responds in a way that displays his humanity, kindness, and consistency as a leader and an educator. He holds students to high standards and works through scenarios by talking with his staff and hearing their opinions. You can trust that Joe always has the best interests of others at heart and takes his job seriously while maintaining a humanity that is both admirable and astonishing. We love you, Joe!" 
  • Stacy Jamison - NSE
    • "Stacy is completely devoted to her students. She spends her free time researching, reading, brainstorming, and creating materials her students can use to incorporate their whole bodies into their learning. She absolutely refuses to give up on the students in her room and does everything in her power to provide some solutions to the problems she and her students face." 


  • Meagan Tawney - NSE
    • "She is incredibly deserving of this recognition! She holds down the office with such professionalism. She makes sure our building runs smoothly every single day. If someone has a question and needs an answer to something, Meagan always knows the answer or how to get it. She problem-solves and always pitches in wherever needed. She knows what I am thinking before I say it. She links us all together with the resources we need to do our jobs efficiently."



  • Becky Spangler - Krise Transportation Bus Driver for SGASD
    • "Becky truly goes above and beyond to build a strong relationship with every student on her bus. She knows each student, knows their needs, their behaviors, and their families. Several times she has taken it upon herself to visit a family to discuss bus behavior and to build a rapport between home and school. She treats each student as if they were truly her own. She is the epitome of what it means to build a positive and profound relationship with each student."

Descriptions of Recognition Categories

Connecting With Others: 
Those who have gone above and beyond in connecting peers, students, and or community members in order to expand opportunities for each other, the district, and/or our students. 

Engaging in Rigorous Learning:
Those who have provided opportunities for students, themselves, and/or each other that challenge, engage, or expand capacities and/or cultivate learning.

Owning the Learning:
Those who have encouraged others to explore, discuss, research, and/or investigate to help others or themselves find answers and/or work together.

Solving Complex Problems:
Those who have worked creatively toward solving an issue or have identified a problem and have brought forward potential solutions to that problem. They do not give up easily, whether they are helping a student, peer, or themselves. They may also have fostered creative problem-solving among students or peers. 

Those who have gone above and beyond to form positive relationships and to serve our Spring Grove community. This person serves as a connection and sets out to encourage, equip and empower our students, faculty, staff, and families.

Those who recognize that all people need chains of human connection; everyone deserves someone who tries to bring them back to shore when the tides are tough. Chain-makers see problems and actively try to solve those problems. They are solution forward. They lend their strength to others when they are in need of support.