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Girls Basketball Honors SGASD Staff

January 5, 2023

 Girls basketball players standing with the teacher they honored

The Spring Grove Girls Basketball Team took time to recognize Spring Grove staff that have been essential contributors to their life, both on and off the court. Players presented a personalized item to their staff member of choice as a keepsake describing their impact on the student-athlete's life.

Their appreciation didn't just stop at those honored by the players. Coach Osborne stated, "We would not be able to do this without each and every one of you. WE APPRECIATE YOU!" Thank you to all the athletic training staff, maintenance, janitorial, bus drivers, the Athletic Department, game staff, and more!


Leah Kale with Lorie Warner

Leah Kale - Mrs. Lorie Warner, SGE

Hanna Garrison and Kacie Boyer with Mr. Eric Zeigler

Hanna Garrison and Kacie Boyer - Mr. Eric Zeigler, SGAHS

Tierra Kuykendall with Ms. Erin Walker

Tierra Kuykendall - Ms. Erin Walker, SGAHS

Riley Whittridge with Mrs. Angela Thomas

Riley Whittredge - Mrs. Angela Thomas, PES

Chrissie Abel with Mrs. Lisa Whisler

Chrissie Abel - Mrs. Lisa Whisler, SGI

Ava Jones with Ms. Kathleen Krall

Ava Jones - Ms. Kathleen Krall, SGAHS

Frankie Grippi with Mrs. Janelle Newark

Frankie Grippi - Mrs. Janelle Newark, SGAHS

Madalyn Sliver with Mr. Kevin Stiffler

Madalyn Sliver - Mr. Kevin Stiffler, SGAMS

Ny’encia Handy with Mrs. Sara Starck

Ny’encia Handy - Mrs. Sara Starck, SGE