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Eight Students Participate in Boys Noise Festival

 Eight Students Participate in Boys Noise Choral Festival

Eight Students from SGAHS and SGAMS were selected to participate in the Boys Noise Festival, hosted by Cedar Cliff High School on Friday, November 18, 2022. Accompanied by Mr. Daniel Fake and Ms. Abigail Kirkpatrick, they worked under guest director Eric Dundore from Messiah University throughout the day. Seventeen schools from the Susquehanna Valley brought together 100 singers in grades 6-9 to perform a concert late Friday afternoon. Prior to Friday morning, these schools had not rehearsed together.  The one day festival is an opportunity for enrichment, making friends in music, and personal growth as singers are pushed to bring out their best in just a few short hours. They were also entertained by Brothers in Arms barbershop quartet before the concert. In preparation for the festival, singers worked on music at home and touched on trouble spots under teacher guidance.

Middle school singers:

  • Ayden Myers
  • Hunter Spencer
  • Eli Henning
  • Ben Thatcher
  • Bryan Myers

High school singers:

  • Sean Henning
  • Elliott Metzger
  • Levi Altland