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Recognizing Similarities and Differences Through Hexagonal Thinking

 Group of four female students posing for picture with their hexagons

Sierra Rhodes' Middle School Social Studies classes participated in a hexagonal thinking activity to show how we are all connected. Hexagonal thinking is a method of making connections between concepts and visually presenting those connections to represent the big ideas of a topic. Students had to illustrate their favorite food, music, subject, and show, their cell phone preference, and their social studies class period.

Throughout the week, students had to look for others with similarities and differences and discuss them with each other. At the end of the week, they adhered their hexagons together and displayed the unique representation of their connections in the classroom.

This activity showed students how as a community, we have similarities and differences that we can draw upon to help each other and enhance our learning experiences. Some of us are artists, mathematicians, geographers, historians, writers, creators, etc. We can rely on one another and draw from one another's strengths. We can also find the beauty in our differences while also acknowledging that we do have similarities.


Five students pose for picture holding their connected hexagons Students sit at their desks working on hexagon activity

Completed hexagons connected to each other and hung up on the classroom wall


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