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SGAMS Leaders, Phalon Mallory and Rosalinda Staples, Graduate from the Leadership for Diverse Schools Program

 Rosalinda Staples and Phalon Mallory pose for picture

Congratulations to Phalon Mallory, SGAMS Assistant Principal, and Rosalinda Staples, SGAMS English Teacher, on graduating from Leadership York's Leadership for Diverse Schools program!

The program fosters understanding, acceptance, and tolerance, so the participants can be leaders in helping to build culturally proficient communities within their districts. Educators learn to interact more effectively with diverse populations of students, parents, and colleagues. Each participant develops a project during the course of the program that will initiate a more culturally proficient environment. 

Mrs. Staples' Project:

Around the World Books
To foster a better understanding of different cultures and to help students gain a better view of the world. This is all in an effort to promote tolerance of different people, places, and cultures. It is also an opportunity for students to make connections with other people and places around the world so that they understand we all have more in common than we think.

Mrs. Mallory's Project:

Cultural Awareness Through Literature
To organize and display cultural text in relation to the multicultural calendar that will be showcased in the Spring Grove Area Middle School Learning Commons. Students will be exposed to a variety of diverse literature, which will expand their cultural competency and inclusive practices.