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Elementary Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kathy Eshbach, Retires

Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Eshbach

“Choose a work that you love, and you won’t have to work another day.” (Confucius)

What a joy it has been to be a member of the Spring Grove Area School District’s learning community! As I retire in January 2022, I know that I will greatly miss the sincere, active connections with our learners and staff. Watching the children become valuable contributors to their own education and our school environment has taught me to appreciate the process of building relationships.

The exceedingly warm welcomes to new classmates, unconditional giving of food and winter garments, reassuring walks by friends to the health room, and encouragement from teammates to keep aiming for the goal are common occurrences seen at the elementary level. The students of Spring Grove have helped me understand that my time here has not been ‘work’ but rather a calling to serve. I am forever grateful to have had a career with the ever-changing children of Paradise, New Salem, and Spring Grove Elementary Schools.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Marvin London to the elementary levels of the Spring Grove Area School District. Dr. London has 18 years of teaching experience in the elementary grades and 4.5 years of experience as an Elementary Assistant Principal / Elementary Principal in a large school district in the Harrisburg area.

Thank you for sharing your children with me and extending your support. I will forever value my role as an educator. 

With gratitude,

Mrs. Eshbach