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SGAHS 2020 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2020 Spring Grove Area High School National Honor Society Inductees!

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Ceremony Program

Opening Remarks: Dr. David Dietrich

Welcoming Address: Jacob Gandionco

Pillar Speeches

Scholarship: Amy Alvarez-Chavez

Character: Brylan Anderson          

Service: Tumi Fadare

Leadership: Nicholas Etter

Introduction of New Inductees

Alma Mater: Tri-M Music Society  

Address and Oath: Jacob Gandionco

Oath: I Pledge to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been elected, striving in every way by word and deed to make its ideals the ideals of my school and of my life.

Closing Remarks: Dr. David Dietrich


Ms. Julia Snyder and Mrs. Jordyn Bowersox


President: Jacob Gandionco

Vice President: Tumi Fadare

Service Chair: Cheyann Monn

Secretary: Nicholas Etter

Administrator: Amy Alvarez-Chavez

Treasurer: Joseph Kelly

Parliamentarian: Brylan Anderson


The National Honor Society would like to thank the following:

  • Spring Grove Area School District Board of School Directors
  • Dr. George W. Ioannidis, Superintendent
  • Dr. Mary Beth Grove, Assistant Superintendent
  • Dr. David Dietrich, Principal
  • Dr. Joseph Intrieri and Mr. Christian Ehrhart, Assistant Principals
  • Stephanie Kennedy, Coordinator of School/Community Relations
  • Spring Grove Area High School Faculty and Staff
  • Mr. Steve Richards and the SG Live Crew
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society