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SGI Rocketry Team Wins Big at National Rocketry Competition

SGI Rocketry Team with Mr. Hastings in front of competition sign

At the May 18th Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), the world’s largest rocket contest, the Spring Grove Area Intermediate Rocketry Team placed 9th overall out of 102 teams, brought home $6,000, and were the top team in the northeast! The competition gives students the opportunity to design, build, and launch model rockets and get hands-on experience solving engineering problems.

The Spring Grove Area Intermediate team is comprised of three sixth graders and one seventh grader from the Middle School. This was the first year that TARC allowed sixth grade students on teams. “The team showed great teamwork, sportsmanship, and attention to detail through the two rounds of flights. I am extremely proud of their poise and reaction to the very tense and nervous second round,” stated Brian Hastings, Spring Grove Rocketry Team advisor and high school physics teacher. “They performed beyond anyone’s expectations in the hardest challenge that TARC has put together in their 17-year history.”

TARC 2019 was a very challenging competition. The rocket must separate into two halves with the front half having two or more parachutes. The rocket must carry THREE large chicken eggs to a height of 856ft and back down in 43-46s. Nationwide there were over 800 teams competing and only 102 of those teams qualified for TARC Nationals.

SGI Rocketry Team at Competition SGI Rocketry Team at Competition

SGI Rocketry Team at Competition