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Results of Academic Bee and Geography Olympiad

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 Jack Dotterwiech

 Max Trimmer

Students at SGI competed in a local US Academic Bee competition on Tuesday, May 7th. First place winner, Jack Dotterwiech (6th grade), and second place winner, Max Trimmer, both qualified for the National Level of the US Academic Bee and will be representing the District in Chicago, Illinois!

US Academic Bee Buzzer Competition

5th and 6th grade division

1st place: Jack Dotterwiech

2nd Place:  Mark Austin

3rd place: Sasha McGlinley

4th place: Jackson Brown


7th and 8th grade division

1st place: Max Trimmer

2nd Place: Jeremiah L’Etoile

3rd place: Lydia Sewell

4th place: Dominic Derienzo


Overall Champions of US Academic Bee

1st place: Jack Dotterwiech

2nd place: Max Trimmer


 Jeremiah L’Etoile

Meet 8th grader, Jeremiah L’Etoile! Jeremiah needed a score of 50 to qualify for the National Geography Olympiad, and a score of 75 to be eligible to compete in the International Geography competition; both of those events are occurring in Chicago, Illinois June 7-10.  He scored 90 during a recent competition held during the US Academic Bee at SGI!

Geography Olympiad Paper/Pencil Test

5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

1st place: Jeremiah L’Etoile

2nd Place: Max Trimmer

3rd place: Lydia Sewell

4th place: Mason Toth