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School Safety Message from SGASD

The safety of our schools is a priority that the Spring Grove Area School District (SGASD) takes very seriously. SGASD takes multiple steps to uphold its mission of providing a safe learning environment for our students, and some of these steps are listed below:

  •  SGASD has a strong and ongoing partnership with both Northern York County Regional and Southwestern Regional Police


  • For ten years, SGASD has subcontracted with Northern York County Regional Police Department to have a School Resource Officer (SRO) whose responsibility is the safety of our students and staff. The SRO’s visibility within our school buildings helps build relationships and therefore fosters open communication.


  • In addition to the SRO, it is common practice for Northern York County Regional and Southwestern Regional Police Departments to perform weekly walk-throughs of each school building.


  • All doors and entrances are locked throughout the day. Visitors must be cleared prior to entry and are registered with the main office of the school building.


  • The District utilizes a variety of video surveillance.


  • Safety drills are practiced by all students and staff.


  • SGASD collaborated with York County Emergency Management, police departments, and first responders to conduct a Critical Incident Response Exercise to evaluate the District’s emergency management plan.


  • The District continuously reviews and evaluates its safety plans with professionals from York County Emergency Management and both police departments.


  • SGASD participates in the York County Safety Council and the Safe School Association of York County.


  • The District provides mental health assistance to students and families with a wide range of service providers and onsite staff employed by SGASD that includes three school psychologists, a social worker, and school counselors in every school. 

Community members, parents, staff, and students are an important part of creating a positive and safe environment in our schools. If you see, hear, or read something unsettling, please report it immediately to a school official and/or the police. We will continue to investigate any reported tips and remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain school safety.  

The District greatly appreciates your continued support in creating a safe learning environment for our students.