• Storia School Edition

    How do I use Storia with my child?

    What are the features of Storia eBooks?

    Storia eBooks look exactly like their print versions, but use a digital format kids love to inspire and motivate at every level.

    Reading Challenge quizzes at the end of every eBook that test reader comprehension and record results in the Reading Reports to aid teacher assessment

    The Storia dictionary offers age-appropriate definitions using word, image, and a pronunciation guide to help readers understand the bigger words—without interrupting the story.

    Reading Tools, including a highlighter for marking text and passages for later reference, and a note-taking feature to focus on key ideas for book reports and homework.

    Read-to-Me eBooks offer young readers lively narrations and highlighted text to follow, to help boost fluency and understanding.

    Enriched Storia eBooks heighten the reading experience with learning activities like puzzles and word games that help build comprehension and retention.

    Can I access Storia from a mobile device (iPad, smartphone, Kindle Fire)?

    Storia is web-based, so you can access it on any electronic device including desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices. No app is needed, just click on the picture above or go to www.storiaschool.com in the browser.