• The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) provided school districts with guidelines to help us open our schools in the fall. Each school district is required to submit a Health and Safety Plan that outlines the specific procedures that will be used to assure the safety of students and staff. This plan must be Board-approved and submitted to PDE.

    The Health and Safety Plan will serve as the local guidelines for all instructional and non-instructional school reopening activities for the Spring Grove Area School District (SGASD). As with all emergency plans, the Health and Safety Plan developed for SGASD will be tailored to the unique needs of our school and will be created in consultation with local health agencies. Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, the plan will include enough flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

    7.14.2020 Update: The Spring Grove Area School District School Board has approved the Health and Safety Plan for the return of students to our schools for the 2020-21 school year. It is a fluid document that will be updated as any revised or new directives are received from the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, or other local health agencies.

    8.10.2020 Update: The Spring Grove Area School District School Board approved changes to each of the Health and Safety Plans, specifically the revised order on mandatory face coverings and the limiting of spectators/attendees at public events so that our School District can remain in compliance with the updated orders from the state.  The changes are to comply with updated wording in state and federal guidance.  No other operational changes were proposed to the reopening plans.