• SGASD Diversity Festival

    Spring Grove Area School District hosts a FREE annual Diversity Festival to
    showcase and celebrate the many different cultures represented in our community.


    Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, and performed at the 2019 Diversity Festival!


    March 12, 2020
    5:30 PM - 8:30 PM 





    2019 Diversity Festival Program



    2019 Diversity Festival Keynote Speaker
    Adnan Pasic

    Adnon Pasic

    Adnan Pasic was born in 1987 in the former country, Yugoslavia. He spent the first few years of his life with his parents Nihad and Azra, brother, Edin, and extended family in the country now known as Bosnia-Herzegovina, until the war broke out in 1992. Pasic’s family fled the country and resided in Berlin, Germany as war refugees from 1993-1999 in German government housing. His family was unable to secure a visa to remain in Berlin, therefore they applied for a refugee visa in Australia, Canada and the United States. Australia was the first country to respond with their acceptance, but Pasic’s extended family had received acceptance in the United States, therefore they wanted to stay together – if possible. Eventually, Pasic’s immediate family was accepted into the United States.

    Sponsored by a local Lancaster church, St. Leo’s, his family now called Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. Pasic was enrolled in the sixth grade in the Hempfield School District and placed in an ESL program that was fairly new to the district. In 2005, Pasic’s senior year of high school, he was welcomed into CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program). This program supported Pasic in his enrollment in the Pennsylvania State University, University Park Campus. During his four years spent at the University, Pasic earned two degrees – German Business and Economics.

    Following graduation, Pasic secured a credit analyst position at Integrity Bank, a local bank based out of Camp Hill, PA. During his time spent with Integrity Bank, he learned the foundations of commercial lending that would help to propel his career into the banking industry. Also during his time spent at Integrity Bank, he earned his MBA from Lebanon Valley College. Pasic has served as a successful Commercial Lender at Union Community Bank, People’s Bank, and most recently has taken on the role of VP & Sr. Commercial Loan Officer/Lancaster Market Executive with ACNB Bank. He resides in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, with his wife Abby and 1-year old son Ben.

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    Thank you to the Advanced Video Journalism class for making the Diversity Festival highlight video!