Welcome to the Health Room at Spring Grove Area High School. The Health Room is staffed by Wendy Speir, RN, CSN (Certified School Nurse), and Victoria Costella, RN (Health Care Assistant).  
    The Health Room treats illnesses and injuries that arise during the school day, as well as assisting students and staff with the management of chronic health concerns.
    The priority as a School Nurse is to care for your child during the school day and to treat any illnesses or accidents in a professional and caring manner.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at (717) 225-4731 x 7088.  Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.


    What is a School Nurse?

    • A school nursing professional who advocates for children's health and safety within the educational setting.

    What Preparation Does A School Nurse Need:
    • A registered nurse (RN) license to practice nursing by the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing
    • A Baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited college or university.
    • School Nurse certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education

    A School Nurse Needs Expertise in the Following Areas:

    • Pediatric, public health, and mental health nursing with strong health promotion, assessment and referral skills
    • Education and health laws impacting children
    • Teaching strategies for the delivery of health education to students and staff

    What Does a School Nurse Do?

    • The primary role of the School Nurse is to support student learning.  The nurse accomplishes this by implementing strategies that promote student and staff health and safety.
    • A School Nurse, with appropriate preparation, takes a leadership role in serving as the coordinator of school health programs in the following manner:
    • Health Services-- serves as the coordinator of the health services program and provides nursing care
    • Health Education--provides health education to students, staff, and parents
    • Healthy Environment--identifies health and safety concerns in the school environment and promotes a nurturing school environment
    • Nutritional Services--supports healthy food services programs
    • Physical Education/Mental Health--provides health counseling, assesses mental health needs, provides interventions and refers students to appropriate school staff or community agencies
    • Parent/Community Involvement--promotes community involvement in assuring a healthy school
    • Staff Wellness--provides health education and counseling, promotes health activities and environment for school staff

    What Services Do School Nurses Provide?

    • As the health services expert, the School Nurse serves as the health professional for the school community and provides the following services:
    • Illness, injury assessments, and interventions
    • Identification, assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of student health concerns
    • Health assessments
    • Individualized Education Plan development
    • Pediatric nursing procedures: ventilators, gastrostomy feedings, tracheotomy care, catheterization
    • Screening for health factors impacting student education
    • Activities and education to promote health and prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, tobacco use and alcohol and substance abuse
    • Chronic disease management and education
    • Individualized Nursing Care Plans and services for students with disabilities and/or health conditions that interfere with learning
    • Medication administration
    • Assessment and interventions for students with mental health needs
    • Crisis team participation
    • Health curriculum recommendations
    • School/Community/Health Care Provider liaison
    What Difference Does a School Nurse Make?

    • School nursing interventions improve student health to impact achievement and success
    • School Nurses collaborate with administrators to promote a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment
    • Parents are confident their student's health needs and injuries are appropriately handled during the school day
    • Teachers are freed up to devote their time to educating students because the School Nurse coordinates the health care needed by students

    According to a recent survey of School Nurses:

    • 98% have saved a child's life
    • 82% have identified an abused child
    • 67% have  counseled a depressed/suicidal student 

    School Nurses:

    • Decrease absenteeism
    • Decrease discipline referrals