• School Safety & Security

    The safety of our schools is a priority that the Spring Grove Area School District (SGASD) takes very seriously. SGASD takes a layered approach to uphold its mission of providing a safe learning environment for our students, and some of these steps are listed below:


    • For over a decade, SGASD has partnered with Northern York County Regional Police Department to provide a presence within schools. The SROs are visible within our school buildings and help to build relationships that foster open communication. SGASD currently contracts two for SROs to rotate among the school buildings. 

    • In addition to the School Resource Officers (SROs), it is common practice for the Northern York County Regional Department to perform daily walk-throughs of each school building.


    • The District has video surveillance in each school building and on school campuses. During the 2021-2022 school year, video surveillance was increased at New Salem Elementary School and the Middle School.

    • All doors and entrances are locked throughout the day. Each building has a double-door designated single point of entry during school hours.

    • Visitors must be cleared prior to entry. The District uses a double-buzz entry system that allows for increased visibility of visitors and an extra level of security prior to granting visitors entry to the building. 

    • All visitors are registered with the main office of the school building using the new Raptor Visitor Management System. Visitors must be scanned into the Raptor system with their photo ID and wear a visitor name badge at all times while in the school building. Visitors who do not have a photo ID or have not had their photo ID scanned into the Raptor system will not be permitted in the school beyond the main office. 

    • Enhanced use of radio communication between district personnel.
    • New door signage and directional signage have been installed in each school building to assist visitors and first responders with locating appropriate areas.


    • Students are encouraged to utilize situational awareness both in their physical surroundings and online.

    • Students having any concerns or information involving potential threats to individuals and/or property are strongly encouraged to contact school officials or local law enforcement immediately.

    • State and local tip lines for students:
      • Safe2Say Something (S2SS) is a statewide anonymous tip line for students in grades 5 - 12. The tip line can be used to inform about bullying issues, and concern for the safety and welfare of peers. Students receive a refresher on using the system each school year.
      • See Something; Say Something, a local tip line, has been established by the Northern York County Regional Police Department. The tip line phone number is 717-467-8355.

      • Tipline posters are visible in every school building, encouraging students to report bullying issues, concern for the safety and welfare of peers. 

    • The School Resource Officers provide the following instruction and awareness to all grade levels K- 12:
      • Alive @ 25 program within the High School Driver’s Education course
      • Cyber safety at the Intermediate and Middle Schools
      • Bus safety for kindergarten and first grade
      • Law enforcement charges/legal ramifications at the High School
      • Co-facilitates the Middle School Aevidum Club 
      • Member of the District Mental Wellness Council 
      • Member of the District Threat Assessment Team 
      • Interactions with students during lunch periods in all schools

    • The Aevidum Club (I've Got Your Back) at the High School and Middle School works to create a school climate where students feel accepted, appreciated, acknowledged, and cared for. The club sees the importance of starting and continuing conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

    • Project Team, in grades K - 6, is a school-wide program that addresses student social-emotional health, character building, and anti-bullying.


    • The District provides mental health assistance to students and families with a wide range of service providers.
    • On-site mental and behavioral health staff are employed by SGASD, which includes three school psychologists, a home school visitor, two social workers, and school counselors in every school. 

    • The District annually participates in the Pennsylvania Youth Survey to assess student perceptions of safety and risky behavior within the school and the community.

    • SGASD schools have implemented several programs to provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment, including the Student Assistance Program (SAP) and peer mentoring initiatives.
    • Student-led Aevidum suicide prevention club, "I've Got Your Back", at the High School and Middle School.
    • District-wide training on trauma-informed practices. 

    • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention training offered to staff.

    • Mental health adolescent first aid training has been provided to several departments within the District.

    • A team of mental health staff within the District has been trained in threat assessment protocol. 

    • Additional staff completed SAP (Student Assistance Program) training. 



    • SGASD has a strong and ongoing partnership with both Northern York County Regional Police.

    • SGASD participates in the York County Safety Council and the Safe School Association of York County.

    • The District works together with TrueNorth Wellness Services to provide school-based therapy on-site and SAP (Student Assistance Program) services.

    • The District has a partnership with River Rock Academy, a provider of customized alternative education services for students.

    • SGASD is an active partner in the York County Mental Health Alliance for Youth.

    • SGASD was awarded a York County Systems of Care Grant for trauma-informed practices. 

    • SGASD partners with Care Solace to provide students and staff access to reliable, ethical, and high-quality mental health care services.


    • Safety drills are practiced by all students and staff.

    • SGASD collaborated with York County Emergency Management, police departments, and first responders to conduct a Critical Incident Response Exercise to evaluate the District’s emergency management plan.

    • The District continuously reviews and evaluates its safety plans with professionals from York County Emergency Management and both police departments.

    • SGASD adheres to the safety criteria outlined in the Pennsylvania Act 44 of 2018, including the designation of a School Security and Safety Coordinator (Bill Stiles). The District implemented safety and security trainings required by Act 44 and Act 18 of 2019. 

    • Stop the Bleed training for staff provided through the Northern Regional York County Police Department. 


    • SGASD coordinated with Northern York County Regional Police Department to complete safety and security assessments at each school building. 

    • The SGASD School Safety and Security Council made up of district staff, community stakeholders, local legislative representatives, emergency management personnel, and local law enforcement meets bi-annually to evaluate and discuss pertinent safety issues.

    • A task force composed of members from the SGASD School Safety and Security Council was formed in the Spring of 2018 in response to the national attacks in school environments. The task force consists of parents, students, school administrators, teachers, school board members, & police chiefs. The Council is co-chaired by Bill Stiles, Facilities Services Manager, and Dr. Michelle Ludwig, Director of Pupil Services.


    Community members, parents, staff, and students are an important part of creating a positive and safe environment in our schools. If you see, hear, or read something unsettling, please report it immediately to a school official and/or the police. We will continue to investigate any reported tips and remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain school safety.  

    The District greatly appreciates your continued support in creating a safe learning environment for our students. If you are interested in participating in our district-wide safety and security council, please contact Bill Stiles at stilesb@sgasd.org.