Inclement Weather FAQ

  • Making the decision to close schools is typically never an easy call for the District to make. Of utmost concern is the safety of our students, which is always the priority in making any decision that impacts families, students, and academics. 


    How is the decision made to close or delay school?

    As soon as inclement weather appears in the forecast, SGASD officials begin to carefully monitor the weather projections and prepare for the potentially bad weather.

    When meteorologists predict snow or ice that may impact travel, SGASD officials are communicating by 4:00 AM to ascertain current conditions and carefully analyze what the rest of the day may bring. During this time, we are having conversations with multiple authorities and road crews within the District’s townships and boroughs, along with the local police departments.  

    Status reports from all of these individuals are critical when deciding to delay or close schools. Once all of the information is gathered and the decision is made, SGASD officials begin to disseminate the announcement, usually by 6:00 AM. In the case of a two hour delay, SGASD officials continue to monitor the forecast for changes in weather conditions that could warrant a switch from a two hour delay to a school closing.


    How can I find out if SGASD schools are closing or delaying?

    A phone message with the appropriate information will be sent out using our District-wide contact system. SGASD inclement weather announcements will also be made through the following outlets:

    • WITF-TV
    • WGET-AM 1320
    • WYCR-FM 98.5
    • WGTY-FM 107.7
    • WHVR-FM 95.3
    • WHVR-AM 1280
    • WINK-FM 104
    • WQXA-FM 105.7
    • WITF-FM 89.5
    • WSBA-AM 910
    • WARM-FM 103
    • WSOX-FM 96.1


    The weather does not seem bad where I live, why are SGASD schools closed?

    SGASD is a large district encompassing about 90 square miles with varying geography. The particular area where you live may not have experienced much precipitation, however another part of the District may have gotten much worse conditions. The District must take into account the harshest conditions when making the decision to close or delay.

    Snow is not the only type of weather to consider. Freezing temperatures and extreme wind chills may make it unsafe for students to be standing outside at bus stops, as well.


    School is in session, but I do not think it's safe to send my child to school. What do I do?

    It is always the parent or guardian's final decision on whether to send your child to school. If you feel it is unsafe to send your child to school due to weather conditions, please use your best judgment. Please notify the school of your student's absence and provide a written note as per the Student Handbook.


    What is the bus schedule for a delay or cancelation?

    When there is a delay or cancelation, all Spring Grove non-public buses follow the schedule for SGASD. If the District has a two-hour delay, the non-public buses run on a two-hour delay, etc. If, during the day, SGASD dismisses early, the non-public buses will run on that schedule.


    What is modified Kindergarten?

    If weather requires a delayed opening, it would be for either one hour or two hours. If the delay is for one hour, the morning kindergarten session will operate on a one-hour delay schedule. The afternoon kindergarten operates at the normal time (i.e., the session begins at 12:25 PM). If the delay is for two hours, the district must operate a “Modified Kindergarten Schedule” in order to make available both morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions. On two-hour delays only, the morning session is from 10:25 AM to 12:15 PM, and the afternoon session is from 1:25 PM to 3:15 PM.