•    Each student is given a CD on Opening Day which contains the Student Handbooks for all four building levels - elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools. In addition, there are numerous forms and important informational sheets on those CDs in an easily-accessible folder where parents can read, print -if necessary-, and store for future reference. 
       That same information can be found here in the files to the right of your screen. There is also a link for the handbooks under each school web site, and under the Parent section of our web site. We provide this information in a variety of places so that it is most easily accessible whenever you need to find it!
       Should digital access not the best avenue for you, we would be happy to provide a printed copy of the handbook and files for the building level pertinent to your child's grade level. Please inform your building secretary, and arrangements can be made.
       Thank you! 
    NOTE: If you have more than one child enrolled in SG schools, you most likely received multiple copies of the CD, which are all identical. If you don't need the additional copies, please consider sending the extra copies back to your child's building secretary. They can be used for additional children who may join us later in the school year. Thank you!