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    update 8-10-2020

    All of my classes are required to sign up in a Remind group. Parents can also sign up for your group, but it is not required. For the following classes, text the code to 81010 to join.


    AP Physics - @sgapphy


    Physics 1 and Physics 1 Honors - @sgphysi  



    If you have problems joining, email me at hastingb@sgasd.org. The two best ways to contact me during this remote schooling time is replying to the Remind message or emailing hastingb@sgasd.org.





    5-29-2020   Day  40

    Science 1

    Physics 1

    Physics 1 Honors

    AP Physics 1 - 




    Assignment Board Rules

    1. Assignments are listed on the day they are due.

    2. Reading assignments may be checked with an unannounced quiz. Notebooks are permitted the day the reading is due. Students should take notes on any unfamiliar terms, equations, laws or units.

    3. Assignments may be checked any time after they are due.
    4. Problem sets from the textbook should be completed in your notebook showing all work and checked using the supplied answers prior to the due date.

    5. Labs are due in one cycle. (example lab is performed on day 3 and then is due when you arrive next day 3)

    Physics 1 textbook access.

    The Physics 1 textbook can be found online at physicspp.com and the access code is: C0B1398433

    AP Physics 1 and 2 textbook access

    Go to https://www.masteringphysics.com/site/login.html and us the assigned login.

    AP Physics 1 and 2 textbook and resources access.
    The AP Physics 1 and 2 textbook and online resources can be found at www.masteringphysics.com


    After school tutoring will be scheduled by appointment for the remainder of the year.
    Peer tutoring with NHS members is encourged and available by appointment. Sign up in the guidance office or contact me and I will contact the NHS advisors.
    Please check MMS regularly for grade updates and contact me with any questions hastingb@sgasd.org
    PHET simulation website (for practice) http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/new
    Magnetism simulations and examples. http://www.hinsdale86.org/staff/jvetrone/themed%20physics/enm/electromagnetic%20induction%20simulations.pdf

    Keystone review for Module 1
    HomeostasisChemical Basis of LifeBasic Biology Principles


    Great site for resources (AP Physics), class notes, sample problems, etc.


    AP Physics 1 and 2 online tutor


    Great resource with lots of worksheets of practice problems and answer keys. 


    Lots more resources here including instructional videos, worksheets, labs and quizzes with answer keys.  Good for all three levels, Physics 1 and AP Physics.


    AP Physics 1 and 2 review videos and practice problems. Excellent resource.