In accordance with Board Attendance Policy #204 and in compliance with the PA Department of Education compulsory attendance requirements, the following attendance procedures shall be followed for students who are enrolled in the Spring Grove Area School District:

    Traditional Learning - To be considered present, students must be physically in attendance at their appropriate school building.

    Distance Learning - To be considered present, students must submit the daily question provided in their Distance Learning Attendance Homeroom. It is best practice for Distance Learning students to complete the daily question prior to beginning the day's schoolwork. Students have until 11:59 PM each day to complete the question of the day.

    Student Absence Excuse Cards and the Application for Pre-Approved Excused Absences can be found on the District website on the Families tab under Commonly Used Forms.

    If you have questions regarding student attendance, please refer to the Attendance FAQs below or contact your child's Building Attendance Secretary listed below.

Attendance Contacts

Attendance Contacts

Attendance Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my traditional learner is physically absent from school, can he/she be marked present if schoolwork is completed online?
    No. At this time, attendance for traditional learners is based on their physical attendance in the school buildingPer Pennsylvania School Code, in-person attendance is based on having a student in the building.

    Just like in previous years when a student is absent, he/she is expected to make up the work he/she missed in class that day. The benefit of having learning materials available online is that a student who is absent can come back to school with the work already completed.

    Why was my distance learner marked absent even though he/she completed all of the online work for the day?
    Students in the Distance Learning Program must complete the question of the day to be marked present for the day. Just like a student in the traditional school setting attends homeroom to begin their school day, Distance Learning students should first go to their Distance Learning Attendance Homeroom to complete the question of the day.

    If the student does not complete the question of the day, they are not present for the day. Our virtual attendance is based on completion of the daily question, in order to comply with the requirements for recording attendance under the Pennsylvania School Code.

    My student is a traditional learner and will be absent due to an educational trip. Can he/she switch to Distance Learning to be considered present?
    At this time, no. Students who have a planned trip should submit the Application for a Pre-Approved Excused Absence.  

    If my traditional learner has to quarantine, how will he/she be able to complete schoolwork and will he/she be marked absent?
    If your traditional learner is not able to physically attend school because he/she is required to quarantine, your child's Building Principal will communicate to you the educational plan for your child.