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    Our Mission:
    The Mission of the Spring Grove Area School District, in partnership with families, businesses and community organizations, is to provide a safe and active learning environment, which will challenge and motivate all students to attain their full potential and reach proficiency on state assessments while preparing them for the future.

    Bring Your Own Device:
    The District holds high expectations for student behavior, academic integrity, and the responsible use of technology devices such as cellular phones, digital picture/video cameras and/or phones and other electronic devices capable of capturing and/or transmitting data or images. Students who possess and/or use such devices during the school day; in/on district buildings, district property, district vehicles or contracted vehicles; during transport to/from school; while attending school sponsored activities during the school day; and/or during any/all school sponsored activities generally, will demonstrate the greatest respect for the educational environment and the rights and privacy of all individuals within the school community. 
    The Board permits the use of electronic devices by students as designated by the respective classroom instructor during instructional time. The Board further permits electronic devices for nonverbal, non-disruptive use during non-instructional times in locations designated by the building principaln, in the building handbook, and this policy. All other uses of electronic devices are prohibited.