• Student Tech Help   

    Click on any of the topics below to view help documents or videos to assist you with some of the tools and programs you use for assignments.
    Audacity - audio recording
    Completed Assignments Folder - how to submit an assignment to your teacher using the completed assignment folder
    Movie Editing on an Android Device - how to edit a video using an Android device
    Movie Editing on an iPhone / iPod / iPad - how to record and edit a video using an Apple device
    Music - Free Music Archive contains music you can download and use in projects
    Personal Device  - how to connect your personal device to the school Wi-Fi 
    Personal Device: Submit Video - how to send a video project from your device to your teacher 
    Remote Access - how to get to your school files from home or almost  any device with an internet connection
    Sound Effects  - webpage with sound effects you can download and use in projects