The District's property includes 337 acres, on which there are 10 different facilities/buildings with combined square footage of over one million.

    It is the mission of the Maintenance Department to act as good stewards of this public property and maintain it in a way that safely supports the mission of the School District.

    The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) presented the District with one of three prestigious awards for excellence in school facilities.  
    The award is designed to recognize those whose daily practices in the care and maintenance of school facilities demonstrate excellence in 32 various areas of measurement.


    Building and Grounds Manager  Bill Stiles ext. 3029
    Administrative Asst. of  Support Services  Tam Reitmeyer ext. 3025
    Maintenance Coordinator Art Godfrey  
    Maintenance Support Daniel Munford  
    Maintenance Support Mitchell Warner  
    Buildings and Grounds Andrew Smith  
    Buildings and Grounds Rick Stewart