• There is no more important person in the life of your child than YOU!

    Parents are our first teachers, showing us how life works from the very beginning. As we grow and begin to assimilate new information, it becomes imperative that other adults get involved in the educational process. That's when a school system enters the picture.
    Parents play a critical role in the formal educational process as well... advising, guiding, encouraging and supporting the student. After all, no one knows your child the same way you do! We hope that the information we present here will aid you in that role. 
    Student Handbook
    Each student is provided with a CD containing electronic copies of the student handbooks for each building. A copy of the handbook is also included on each school’s portion of this site.
    Each handbook CD includes:
          - Student Code of Conduct
          - District General Operating Procedures
          - Building specific information
          - Forms needing parent/guardian signature
          - Other important District information

    A limited number of paper copies are available for those families who may lack computer access.