• Voice Care


    • Drink water all day, every day- carry a water bottle to classes. Make it a habit!!
    • Drink warm water, honey & lemon to soothe a sore throat
    • Drink Throat Coat Tea (with honey and lemon)
    • Safely inhale steam when you're congested
    • Visit the doctor if you feel like something is wrong
    • Warm up your vocals before trying to sing a song or stretch your range



    • Coffee and black tea (including chai and any tea with caffeine. These dehydrate you.)
    • Dairy (especially before practicing or performing)
    • Yelling- make sure to project from your core, not the throat, or you may lose your voice
    • Time spent working on high range
    • Whispering, especially if you have a sore throat. Try talking at a low volume instead. Go on vocal rest if you are really experiencing pain. This includes talking and singing.



    • Scream (even at concerts and sporting events! See the note above about yelling from your core- project!) 
    • Sing if you’re feeling pain in your throat/ vocal folds. This is not a "no pain, no gain" situation. Pain= stop.
    • Smoke or vape, ever. These actions destroy your lungs, not just for singing, but for breathing in general. Keep your body healthy! You won't regret it.