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    Fishing Club Trout Cam

    Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom

    The Spring Grove Area High School Fishing Club is participating in the Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom program through its partnership with the Codorus Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The program offers students a chance to raise salmonids in a classroom setting and then release them into a nearby stream or river. Caring for the fish fosters a conservation ethic in the students, and the act of walking to a streambank and directly releasing the fingerlings into the water makes a concrete connection between caring for the fish and caring for the water. Trout Unlimited has kindly sponsored the equipment to allow our students to raise the fish from eggs to juvenile trout.

    Raising the Trout

    trout eggs in water tankThe trout eggs arrived from the Pennsylvania State Fishing Commission at the High School on January 10, 2023. The tank is located in the Integrated Arts Center (IAC). Members of the Fishing Club will check the tank daily for proper water quality and ensure the fish have an acceptable water environment for them to grow. Once the fish reach the appropriate size, they will be released into one of our local streams. Because of this, they cannot be treated like regular aquarium fish. They must be raised as a possible human food source so the tank can only be treated with salt. The Fishing Club has been working to establish a healthy bacterial colony in the tank that will mimic the natural sources of nature. The tank is chilled to approximately 56 degrees and has multiple methods of oxygen production, similar to a running stream in the wild.

    This partnership has encouraged our students to get involved with their community and enjoy the outdoors while promoting conservation for future generations. 

    Video Documentary

    The Fishing Club students will record one of their daily check-ins once a week from now through May 2023. The videos are available below.


    Small fish inside of tank closeup  Picture from above fish tank  Picture of side of fish tank

Water Quality Level Data Report


Trout Cam Videos

  • Video 1: January 24, 2023



    Video 2: February 1, 2023


    Video 3: February 8, 2023

    Video 4: February 27, 2023