Two young girls wearing graduation caps outside using tablet

    State law requires that students attend school for 180 days per year. In compliance with this law, the SGFlex Program will follow the Spring Grove Area School District’s Calendar, found at http://www.sgasd.org/sgcalendar.

    By its nature, SGFlex provides a unique amount of academic flexibility yet still must adhere to Board Policy 204 (Attendance). 

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing an excuse “note” to verify a reason for any absence. The student’s school of residence must receive this note within 3 days of the absence period. The notes can be emailed to the building secretary or hand-delivered to the school.  Below is the email address for each building’s attendance secretary.

    New Salem Elementary School: Kristy Lanning, lanningk@sgasd.org

    Paradise Elementary School: Leah Harrold, HarroldL@sgasd.org

    Spring Grove Elementary School: Beth Staub, StaubB@sgasd.org 

    Spring Grove Intermediate school:  Beverly Brunner, BrunnerB@sgasd.org 

    Spring Grove Area Middle School: Tammy Galuppo, GaluppoT@sgasd.org 

    Spring Grove Area High School: Michelle Garrett, GarrettM@sgasd.org