• SGFlex for students in grade 5 and 6

    SGFlex instruction for students in fifth and sixth grades is synchronous online learning with daily live sessions in all core subjects with a Spring Grove Area School District teacher.

Course Schedule

  • Students will follow their school-designated class schedule and will be required to attend daily live Zoom sessions. 

    Art, Music, PE/Wellness, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and other music ensembles are not offered through SGFlex. Parents/guardians can discuss with their child's building principal the opportunity to participate in those courses in the traditional in-person environment.

Learning Expectations

  • Intermediate students and their parents can expect the following:

    • Students must be on the daily live Zoom (or equivalent platform determined by the teacher) session at the start of each class.

    • The live, online component may not always last the entire class period.

    • Some work will be done offline/independently, at the teacher’s discretion and direction.

    • Students at the intermediate level are generally able to work more independently with reduced parental oversight. However, each child's learning needs are unique. We encourage parents/guardians to check in and provide support as needed to ensure a successful learning experience for their child.

Attendance and Participation

    • Daily attendance is based on LIVE SESSION participation.

    • Continued enrollment in SGFlex is based on live session attendance, assignment completion, and academic performance.