• SGFlex for Students in Grades K - 4

    SGFlex instruction for students in grades Kindergarten through fourth is asynchronous independent online learning requiring an adult at home (parent, grandparent, guardian) to serve as the student's Learning Coach.

Course Schedule

  • Under the direction of the Learning Coach, elementary students will work through a district-provided curriculum through education partner, Fuel Education, and with support from a Fuel Education teacher.

    While specials (PE/Wellness, Art, Music, and Library) are not available through SGFlex, students are encouraged to engage in those activities on their own or through community events if interested. 

Learning Expectations

  • Elementary students and their Learning Coach can expect the following:

    • Spend 4 to 6 hours per day working with each child - at this age, it is necessary to be very hands-on and available.

    • Gather, manage, and organize course materials, as needed.

    • Help the child understand what to do each day and how to do it.

    • Guide the child through all online and offline activities to help the child develop foundational math, reading, and writing skills.

    • Ensure that the child attends all required live online sessions.

The Learning Coach

  • Duties of the adult at home serving as the student’s Learning Coach:

    • Design a daily schedule in a way that provides convenience and flexibility for the family, but lessons must be completed on the days they are assigned.

    • Students and learning coaches are required to attend and participate in scheduled, live, online, one-on-one meetings with the assigned teacher. These typically will last approximately 15-30 minutes and will be held twice per month.

    • Students are required to attend all live, online and/or in-person assessments that are scheduled and facilitated by a SGASD teacher.

    • Students are encouraged to attend monthly live, online social experiences scheduled and facilitated by the Supervisor of Online Learning.

Attendance and Participation

    • Daily attendance is based on LESSON completion.

    • Continued enrollment in SGFlex is based on live session attendance, assignment completion, and academic performance.