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Mrs. McGuigan's Class Becomes Word Detectives

Mrs. McGuigan's Class Becomes Word Detectives


At Paradise Elementary School (PES), students in Mrs. McGuigan's kindergarten class were officially sworn in as Word Detectives by School Resource Officer, Officer Chetaitis. The event marked a milestone in the young students' educational journey as they become proficient readers and writers.

Students repeated a special Secret Stories pledge, vowing to uncover the secrets hidden within words. Secret Stories®, a brain-based approach to phonics instruction, was at the heart of this initiative. This method accelerates learners' access to the reading and writing code by providing logical explanations for letter sound behavior that their brains crave.

Secret Stories® introduces students to the "secret" reasons why letters make various sounds when they combine to form words. For example, "S and H love to read books in the library. When other letters are too loud, they say sh." These captivating stories serve as valuable tools in helping young learners navigate the complexities of language with confidence and understanding.

As a symbol of their commitment to becoming proficient Word Detectives, each student received an official word detective badge. 

See more pictures on our District's Facebook page. 

Students sitting at desk with hand raised for word detective pledge
Student wearing new word detective badge shaking Officer Chetaitis' hand