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Art & Social Studies Combine for Extra Special Project

Art & Social Studies Combine for Extra Special Project


Spring Grove Area Intermediate School Art Teacher, Mrs. Renae Greene, and Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Doug Meckley, teamed up for a fantastic cross-curricular project that brought ancient history to life through art!

Mr. Meckley approached Mrs. Greene with a fascinating concept: Egyptian Faience. The Egyptians were renowned for their stunning turquoise blue pottery. Unlike traditional methods where clay is glazed after firing, the Egyptians crafted a special clay using unique powder compounds. As these sculptures dried, a sodium layer would rise to the surface, which transformed into the signature turquoise color upon firing in the kiln – all in one go!

Mr. Meckley secured the necessary materials, and they followed an ancient recipe to create this beautiful turquoise Egyptian Faience. They even made special molds for the students to use.

The students dove into this hands-on project, blending art and history into a memorable learning experience.

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Mr. Meckley showing a student tips on the art project
The final Egyptian Faience pieces completed by students