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Technology Services

Located on the Roth Church Road campus, the Technology Center is home to dedicated IT staff committed to serving our students and staff. We offer a variety of technology resources designed to aid student learning and prepare them for their future. This collection of resources is designed to share information about technology at SGASD and to be used as a resource for students, staff, and parents about specific technology tools and available options to engage learners and facilitate instruction. The Technology Services Department is charged with supporting these instructional resources and providing business continuity functions for the efficient operations of the District.

Technology Department Contacts

Christopher Enck

Director of Technology
School: 6910

David Livelsberger

Network Manager
School: 6901

Elaine Wolf

Data Manager
School: 6903

David Gipe

Technology Support Specialist
School: 6902

Brian Walz

Technology Support Specialist
School: 6905

Barbara Valencia

Technology System Support and Volunteer Services
School: 6910

Brent Barge

Instructional Technology Specialist
School: 6907

Kimberly Dunlap

Instructional Technology Specialist
School: 6906

Kristen Henning

Instructional Technology Specialist
School: 6908

Board Policies and Technology Regulations

Users of district-owned hardware and network resources are governed by Board policies that outline the expectations and acceptable use of the information technology services.   

To learn more about these policies, please visit the SGASD School Board Policy Manual or click the links below.  

Copyright Infringement Designated Contact

The U.S. Copyright Office issued a rule in 2017 governing the designation of agents to receive notifications of claimed infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Under section 512 of title 17, the Office is required to maintain a “current directory” of agents that have been designated by online service providers to receive notifications of claimed infringement.  Spring Grove Area School District’s registration number and designated contact information is listed below.  For more information, see Designation of Agents to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement

Copyright Infringement Designee

Chris Enck
Spring Grove Area School District
100 E. College Ave., Spring Grove,  PA  17362

Service Provider Registration Number: DMCA-1029172