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Earned Income Tax

If you are 16 years of age or older, have earned income for the prior calendar year, and you lived in the Spring Grove Area School District, you must file a tax return. Even if your employer has withheld and paid your tax, this return must be completed. Anyone who is a wage earner, farmer, unincorporated business (including partnership and individual proprietorship) and ALL OTHERS who received earned income or profits for services rendered incur this obligation.  

This tax is collected and administered by the York Adams Tax Collection Bureau.  Additional information and forms may be obtained by contacting the Bureau by mail at 1405 N. Duke Street, PO Box 15627, York PA 17405-0156 or by phone at (717) 845-1584; fax (717) 854-6376; email  

Residents and employers can access the Bureau's web site at YATB.  New resident information and a change of address form can be found here.  

REMEMBER: IF YOU RECEIVED A TAX RETURN – IT MUST BE FILED WITH THIS BUREAU.  Failure to receive a tax return from the Bureau is not a basis for not filing.

FAILURE TO PROPERLY FILE A RETURN MAY RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION.  Please contact the Tax Bureau for additional guidance.