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Facility Dog

About the Facility Dog

The facility dog is specially trained and directed by district-qualified staff who will utilize the dog’s special skills and training to meet the needs of the District. The facility dog has been certified by UDS Service Dogs, an accredited assistance dog organization, and is not synonymous with a service animal, guide animal, or therapy animal.

A facility dog helps the District by impacting students in three interconnected areas:

  • Improving mental health.
  • Providing social benefits that are unique to interactions with animals.
  • Improving physical responses.

Please Note

The facility dog will not interact with other service animals in the same educational building, including therapy dogs with handlers that have been requested independently with the volunteer handler and approved by the Building Principal to provide a general scope of services allowable under Policy No. 135 (Animals in theSchools).

The facility dog may not enter a room while any machinery or power tools are in operation.

How It Works

Staff can request visits from Kinsley and her handler for their classroom, small groups, or individual students. Kinsley's handler is a designated school employee who has successfully completed training and certification through an accredited assistance dog organization and is responsible for the supervision, care, custody, and control of her at all times when she is on school grounds or a school activity of district.

If a parent/guardian has opted their child(ren) out of visits with Kinsley, the teacher will coordinate with the building principal an alternate environment for any student/s whose schedule may need reassigned in a dog-free area to receive an appropriate educationally programmed activity. 

Kinsley dressed up for Valentine's Day, and her handler, Christine Kenney.

Kinsley and her handler, Christine Kenney, dressed up for Valentine's Day.

Kinsley laying in grass wearing reading glasses with a book in front of her

Meet Kinsley!

Kinsley was specially trained by the UDS Program, and has undergone extensive training to provide various services, therapy, and support as a facility dog. Chrissy Kenney, our Home/School Visitor, is Kinsley's primary handler. 

Fun Facts About Kinsley

  • Kinsley's favorite snack is Fruitables.
  • Kinsley is quite the sports enthusiast. Soccer ranks as her absolute favorite sport, with frisbee coming in a close second.
  • One of Ms. Kenney's favorite memories with Kinsley so far was when she made friends with a kindergartner at SGE on the first day of school. It was a heartwarming moment that showcased Kinsley's incredible ability to connect with our students.

Donations to Kinsley

Many have asked how to donate food, toys, etc. to Kinsley. You may purchase items from this Amazon List if you wish to do so. These items are facility-dog approved.