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Pupil Services

The back of three students holding hands, with backpacks on.

The Office of Pupil Services assists students and their families in a variety of means to assure that each student feels supported, enabling each child to thrive and achieve their maximum potential. This begins with enrollment, during which time Spring Grove staff answer questions and guide families through the process from start to finish. Enrollment staff serve as a liaison and facilitate the connection between the family and the school building staff.

The Office of Pupil Services provides individualized support for special education, 504 plans, health and dental services, and counseling/social work.  

The Spring Grove Area School District provides a free and appropriate public education to all exceptional students determined to be in need of "specially designed instruction." These services may be provided solely by the School District or in conjunction with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12. A range of educational placements is available to meet the individual needs of each student including:

  • Supportive intervention in the regular classroom,
  • Supplemental intervention on an itinerant basis or in a resource room,
  • Part-time and full-time special education classes,
  • Full-time classes located inside and outside of the regular school and District.

The Office of Pupil Services assures that families and individuals in transition, such as those students experiencing homelessness, are enabled to overcome any potential barriers to achievement in their education. A variety of connections for support, both inside and outside the school community, is provided by the linkage of Pupil Services, Social Work, and Counseling staff together with community partners.

Pupil Services also facilitates State-guided vital processes and assures the implementation of mandates such as needed Homebound Services. In addition, the Department works together with state and county agencies to assure that the needs of foster students are met.

The Office of Pupil Services provides a strong network, across all District buildings and external placements, and in conjunction with principals and staff, to assure that students’ special needs are met and opportunities for success are available. This also includes the professional development of staff as well as assuring that measures are in place for monitoring and creating processes to support students and families.  

All of the above is based on a student-centered approach.

Pupil Services Contacts

Dr. Michelle Ludwig

Director of Pupil Services
School: 3016

Linda Miller

Administrative Assistant - Pupil Services
School: 3016

Dolly Thomassy

Administrative Assistant - Enrollment, Child Accounting, and Pupil Services
School: 3043

Dr. Kerri Henry

Special Education Supervisor, Preschool Transition
School: 5077

Ryan Lehman

Special Education Supervisor
School: 6077

Darla Dwyer

Administrative Assistant - Counseling Department
School: 6070