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Mrs. Gross

Welcome to String Orchestra with Mrs. Gross

On this page you will find important information about the SGASD String program ( grades 3-8) and  on joining String Orchestra.     

  • ALL String Students: Please use Schoology every time you play/practice at home
  • All String Families:  Once I have your child registered in Schoology, you can find all important information like handbooks, guides, packets.....
  • 3rd Grade Families: The string program is not a pre-band program. The String Program need students to play a string instrument for more than one year. If your child wishes to play a band instrument, please wait until 4th grade when the band instrument is offered.  Having said that, you can play in both the band and the orchestra at the same time.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gross with any questions or concerns at: When contacting Mrs. Gross, please include the student's name, school, and grade. I look forward to teaching you about the string instrument and starting you on your  stringed instrumental musical journey!

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Susan Gross

School: 5133

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