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Best Communities for Music Education

Spring Grove Area School District has been awarded One of the Best Communities for Music Education since 2012!

Best Communities for Music Education

The Spring Grove Area School District believes in the power of music education and its ability to educate the whole 21st-century learner—without limits.  

The Music Department delivers a sequential standards-based music education that is an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization.      

A comprehensive music education engages learners in developing self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. The skills and technical qualities involved in creating, recreating, and interpreting works in music, provide for lifelong performance, enjoyment, and appreciation. 

Benefits of Studying Instrumental Music: 

  • Teamwork 

  • Self-Expression 

  • Coordination 

  • Memory Skills 

  • Self-Confidence and Esteem 

  • Poise 

  • Goal-Setting 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Sense of Accomplishment and Pride

Association Membership

NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants
NAfME - National Association for Music Education
PMEA - Pennsylvania Music Educators Association

Teacher Web Pages

Our Music Teachers

For today's students to succeed tomorrow, they need a comprehensive education that includes music taught by exemplary music educators.

To that end, all Spring Grove Area School District Music Department teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher in music education and are certified to teach music. Many of our extracurricular music faculty also hold degrees in the music field. Our music faculty is active in the community as performers and directors of various bands, orchestras, and choral groups. 

The Music Department is led by Mr. Tim Bupp, Music Department Chair.

Tim Bupp

School: 1539

Area of Focus: Band

Daniel Brenner

School: 7605

Areas of Focus: Essential Music, Jazz Program, Modern Band, Pep Band

Daniel Fake

School: 6103

Areas of Focus: Essential Music, Chorus

Susan Gross

School: 5133

Area of Focus: Orchestra

Abigail Kirkpatrick

School: 7620

Areas of Focus: Choir, Orchestra, Expressions

William Robinson

School: 5130

Areas of Focus: Essential Music, Choir

Kyle Showalter

School: 7606

Areas of Focus: Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, AP Music Theory

Katherine Tackett

School: 2115

Area of Focus: Essential Music