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Athlete Eligibility and Honest Game

PIAA Eligibility

  • The PIAA By-laws are the rules which govern student-athlete interscholastic eligibility.

NCAA Eligibility

Honest Game

Honest Game logo

All of our Spring Grove Area High School student-athletes and their families have access to an HONEST GAME account. 

Honest Game empowers student-athletes and their families with the expertise and confidence needed to navigate NCAA and NAIA academic eligibility. Regardless of a student’s post-secondary pathway, the Honest Game platform provides students with real-time status updates and harnesses a student-athlete’s passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning. 

Starting freshman year, each student will receive an online individualized College Athletic Report on Eligibility (CARE®), which transforms the student-athlete’s transcript into a personal plan, including strategic individualized guidance and short-term goals to achieve and maintain academic eligibility.