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Volunteer Services

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Spring Grove Area School District. Volunteers are integral in supporting the District's educational, athletic, and extra-curricular activities. The information below will provide instructions on how to become a District Volunteer. 

General Information

Please allow 7 days for the processing.


Pennsylvania State law requires all volunteers to provide clearances before approval to volunteer and every five years thereafter. Submitted clearances must be less than one year old. The clearances are free to volunteers. 

If you have lived in PA for less than ten years, you must complete the FBI Criminal Background Check, which includes a small fee. If you have lived in PA for ten or more years, please complete the Volunteer Verification form. 

We strongly urge you to complete the clearance applications online rather than by mail. Results can be obtained within a few days when applying online.

Online Volunteer Application

After you have obtained/completed ALL of the required clearances, please complete the online application, where you will upload your clearances and verification form. Only volunteer applications containing all of the required completed items will be reviewed.

Volunteer Approval, Expiration, and Renewal

Once your online application has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification informing you of your approval.

The expiration date of volunteer approvals will be five years from the oldest clearance date. Volunteers will receive an email notification 90 days before their approval expires and again at 30 days.

To renew your volunteer approval status, you must complete the background checks and the online volunteer application.

Volunteer Badge

Volunteers will sign in at the front desk of the building in which they are volunteering and will receive a sticker name badge printed by the Raptor Visitor Management System.

Volunteer coaches will receive a volunteer badge with a lanyard that will be sent to the Athletic Office after the application is approved.

Badges/Stickers are required to be worn at all times when volunteering.

Volunteer Services Contact Information

Please contact Volunteer Services at 717-225-4731 X6910 or


Please click on the links below to access the online background checks and the online volunteer application. Please see the Volunteer Handbook for in-depth directions on completing your background checks. 

STEP #1:

STEP #2: 

STEP #3:

Begin after you have your background checks and the Volunteer Verification Form completed. You will be required to upload these documents to the application.


  • A Tuberculosis Examination - only if volunteering for more than 10 hours per week. (Please call the Human Resources Department at 717-225-4731 to discuss the possible need for a TB screening test.)


Board Policy 916 - School Volunteers

District Volunteer Handbook Please refer to the handbook for a further explanation of clearances and Board Policies impacting District Volunteers.

 PLEASE NOTE:  For purposes of the state clearance requirements, a volunteer is an adult serving in an unpaid position in which they are individually responsible for the welfare of a child or have “regular direct contact with children” (care, supervision, guidance or control of children, or routine interaction with children). A one-time visitor in a classroom is NOT considered a volunteer for the purposes of this mandate, nor is an individual working in our schools as a volunteer with another program with whom we have contracted for specific services.