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School Board

Current School Board Directors

School Board Directors are elected to serve a four-year term or may be appointed to fill a vacancy for a term expiring in November of the nearest election year from the appointment (odd-numbered years – 2025, 2027, etc.).

The Superintendent of Schools serves as an advisor to the Board, as well as to respective Board Committees, in matters concerning the School District.

The Director of Business Operations serves as Secretary to the Board. Both the Superintendent and Director of Business Operations/Board Secretary are ex-officio non-voting representatives of the School Board.

The list below represents the current Board of School Directors, respective member terms, and district email accounts.

Group picture of the Spring Grove Area School District Board of School Directors


Eric Barshinger

Took Office: 12/202023
Current Term Expires: 12/2027

Karen Baum

Took Office: 9/2017
Current Term Expires: 12/2027

Benjamin Ramsay

Took Office: 4/2021
Current Term Expires: 12/2027

Michael Ritz

Took Office: 12/2021
Current Term Expires: 12/2025

Rachel Rohrbaugh

Board President

Took Office: 12/2017
Current Term Expires: 12/2025

Rodney Shearer

Took Office: 12/2021
Current Term Expires: 12/2025

Douglas Stein

Took Office: 12/1999
Current Term Expires: 12/2027

Douglas White

Board Treasurer

Took Office: 12/2011
Current Term Expires: 12/2027

Nicole Wilson

Board Vice President

Took Office: 12/2021
Current Term Expires: 12/2025

Overview of Responsibilities

The Spring Grove Area School District is governed by a Board comprised of nine members elected by the citizens of Heidelberg Township, Jackson Township, Jefferson Borough, New Salem Borough, North Codorus Township, Paradise Township, Seven Valleys Borough, and Spring Grove Borough. Each member is elected to serve a four-year term.

The School Board has complete and final authority over all matters related to the operation of our schools. Actions taken by the Board are governed by both law and regulations established by the State's Department of Education. The Board establishes District Policies within the confines of these regulations and, as a Board, operates as the governing body. Directors do not have individual authority, and members serve without salary or other types of compensation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania School Boards

Contacting the School Board

The School Board may also receive email correspondence at the following group email account: When emailing the School Board, the President or his/her Designee may respond on behalf of the entire board. Individual members of the School Board may or may not opt to send a response. However, any such response that may be received should not be considered representative of the views or opinions of the entire board.

When seeking to express opinions to the Spring Grove Area School Board, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Office of the Superintendent to request placement on the next Meeting Agenda for Public Comment. BOARD POLICY NO. 903 outlines the procedure and timeframe for this practice and identifies comments that are discouraged in the public forum.

Board Committees

Board Approved: January 8, 2024