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Diversity In Our Schools

Spring Grove Area School District’s Diversity Statement reads that we will treat all people with equality, dignity, and respect; we will educate all students to understand, accept, and value all members of the world community; and we invite the community at large to join with us in support of this mission.

Treating EVERYONE with respect is at the core of the District’s mission of providing a safe and engaging learning environment that will challenge and motivate all students to reach their full potential. The District respects, and teaches our students to respect, each other and our individual differences. These differences include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic status, learning styles, abilities, age, etc.

In partnership with our students, families, businesses, and community organizations, we must do all we can to ensure the values of respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion are instilled in our students, our schools, and our community. Our schools and our community should be a safe space for ALL students. With this mission in mind, the Spring Grove Area School District has instituted many initiatives to help teach our students to be agents of change, to teach tolerance, to help break down barriers, and to create opportunities for each other. Some of those initiatives are listed below. 

Please know that the Spring Grove Area School District will NOT tolerate any form of racism, hate speech, or discrimination. The District has adopted and enforces policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Those policies contain a complaint procedure available to all students and staff.  Students are encouraged to notify a district staff member or another trusted adult if they are experiencing, or know of another student who is experiencing, any form of discrimination or hate. 

EVERY incident that is reported to us is taken very seriously and is addressed and fully investigated by school officials in conjunction with a School Resource Officer. Students found in violation of the code of student conduct or Board policy will face strict student disciplinary repercussions, as well as potential legal consequences. When school is not in session, the District encourages parents/guardians to contact the police should their student be experiencing any type of harassment or cyber-bullying. 

Spring Grove Area School District will continue to work in partnership with staff, students, families, and the community to make our schools safe for ALL. We are a better school district and community because of our diversity and differences. We honor our Diversity Statement every day and will continue to strive for a school environment and community where every person is safe, included, and celebrated. 

Thank you for your partnership and commitment in creating a better world for our students and for each other.