• Staff Expense Reimbursement

    For use by SGASD staff only.

    When School District staff incur expenses on behalf of the District, they can request reimbursement by submitting the Expense Reimbursement Form.
    REMINDER: the preferred method for the procurement of materials to be used by staff should be via our purchase order process! When necessary, and with prior approval from the supervisor, as a staff member incurs an expense on behalf of the School District, he/she should complete the reimbursement form and submit it to the supervisor for processing.

    Reimbursement Form

    The file is a Microsoft Excel file, once opened, should be saved to the staff's personal network drive.
    The file has been updated with the current year's IRS rate.

  • Reimbursement Form Instructions

    Type your name in row 2.

    For Travel:

    In column A, beginning with row 13, type the date in XX/XX/XX format.  In column C, select the number that represents the building/location from which the travel begins. The cell in column D will automatically populate the name. Repeat with the cell in column F. Once the cells are populated, the miles will automatically be calculated in column I. In the cell in column M (under PURPOSE), please indicate a brief description of the reason for the trip.

    If the travel is to a location other than those listed at the top of the form, you can override the formula by entering the name in the cell under column D and then column G. Please note that you will then have to insert the miles in column I based on your own recorded mileage. Do this for each “leg” of a trip.  For the return, indicate “Return” in the PURPOSE column in a separate row/entry.


    For Expenses Incurred: 

    Again, indicate the date the expense was incurred by you. In column K, under MISC EXP, insert the dollar amount of the expense – NOTE that the School District does not reimburse sales taxes. In column M (under PURPOSE), again indicate a brief description of the expenditure.

    The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the mileage total, multiply by the approved IRS rate and add the expenses and mileage amounts to generate a total at the bottom of the sheet.

    Please attach all receipts and submit them to your supervisor/building principal who will assign account number(s) and validate the request for reimbursement.  Payments will be processed and deposited into your account (similar to payroll direct deposit) after approval of all bills by the School Board.