• Pursuant to Act 84, approved July 3, 1986, the Board of School Directors of the Spring Grove Area School District will meet according to the approved annual Meeting Schedule in the Educational Service Center, 100 East College Avenue, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, beginning at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. All meetings are open to the public. As a result of the Governor's Orders, physical participation in meetings will be limited to Board members and assigned administrators only, with virtual participation by community members and others available through online registration.  Links will be provided each month on the District website HERE.  

    The first monthly meeting is typically a non-voting Directors' Study Forum but may include action items, when appropriate.  The second monthly meeting is typically a voting meeting.   There is only one voting meeting during the months of July and December, with the December meeting including Reorganization items.

    The meeting schedule for the 2021 calendar year is available here:  2021 Board Meeting Dates

    The Board encourages public comment on issues before them. A period of thirty minutes is reserved at the start of each meeting for such comment.

    Individuals residing in the district, property owners whose property is within the district, and district employees who wish to address the board during this time period should call the Superintendent's office at 225-4731, ext. 3020 to be placed on the agenda. At least seven days notice is required for a speaker to be listed on the board agenda. Individuals not registered will be allowed comment as time allows per Policy 903