• Student Absence Excuse Form

    Student absence excuse forms must be completed and submitted via the Sapphire Community Web Portal. 

    If your child is absent for any reason, please log into your Sapphire account and navigate to the Student Data Forms section to find the Absence Excuse Form. The building attendance secretary will be notified when you send the form in Sapphire. Once the absence is approved, the documentation will be accessible in the Document Center of your Sapphire account.  

    If you do not have internet access, please contact the main office of your child’s school to receive a paper copy of the Absence Excuse Form.

    Please note the following:

    • Absence excuses must be submitted for each student separately. Siblings cannot be added to an absence excuse.

    • Absence excuses and medical notes (if applicable) must be submitted within three (3) school days of the absence.
    • If a student misses three (3) consecutive days, a medical note is required as outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.
      • Medical notes should be uploaded to Sapphire when submitting an absence excuse.
      • Do NOT submit a "live-mode" picture of the medical note. The medical note must be a still frame picture.
    • Please remember to electronically sign the absence excuse in Sapphire. You will receive an error message if you do not sign it electronically, and Sapphire will not allow you to submit the absence excuse. 

How To Submit An Absence Excuse Form

    1. Log into your Sapphire Community Web Portal. Don't have an account? Register for an account online.

    2. Click on Student Data Forms, located to the left of the page.

    3. In the On Demand Forms section of the page, select the appropriate form to complete.


    Screenshot of the webpage options in Sapphire with Student Data Forms highlighted in red  Screenshot of the On Demand Forms section in the Sapphire Portal