• Current School Board Directors

    School Board Directors are elected to serve a four-year term, or may be appointed to fill a vacancy for a term expiring in November of the nearest election year from the appointment (odd-numbered years – 2023, 2025, etc.)  The list below represents the current Board of School Directors, respective member terms, and district email accounts.

Current School Board Directors
  • The School Board may also receive email at the following group email account:  SGBoard@sgasd.org.  When emailing the School Board, the President or his/her Designee may respond on behalf of the entire board. Individual members of the School Board may or may not opt to send a response; however, any such response that may be received should not be considered as representative of the views or opinions of the entire board.

     The Superintendent of Schools serves as an advisor to the Board, as well as to respective Board Committees, in matters concerning the School District.  (For a list of committee assignments for the 2022 calendar year, please select the link Board Committees.) 

    The Director of Business Operations serves as Secretary to the Board. Both Superintendent and Director of Business Operations/Board Secretary are ex-officio / non-voting representatives of the School Board.

    When seeking to express opinions to the Spring Grove Area School Board, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Office of the Superintendent to request placement on the next Meeting Agenda for Public Comment. (BOARD POLICY NO. 903 outlines the procedure and timeframe for this practice, and identifies comments that are discouraged in the public forum.)