• School Hours, Early Dismissals, & Bus Information

    SCHOOL HOURS FOR 2021-2022 

    Spring Grove Elementary School (grades K-4): 

    • School Begins - 8:10 AM
    • School Ends - 3:00 PM

    New Salem Elementary & Paradise Elementary Schools (grades K-4): 

    • School Begins - 8:00 AM
    • School Ends -  3:10 PM

    Spring Grove Area Intermediate School (grades 5-6):

    • School Begins - 8:10 AM
    • School Ends - 2:55 PM 

    Spring Grove Area Middle & High Schools (grades 7-12):

    • School Begins - 7:00 AM
    • School Ends - 1:45 PM

    Early Dismissal Times

    • All elementary buildings grades K-4: early dismissal at 12:00 PM
    • Spring Grove Area Intermediate School grades 5-6: early dismissal at 11:45 AM
    • All secondary buildings grades 7-12: early dismissal at 10:30 AM

    Bus Information

    Bus information for students will be available in the Sapphire Community Web Portal, along with their classroom assignment. For your convenience, bus routes will be posted online sometime in August prior to the start of school. 

    No bus changes will be made for 10 days after school starts. All requests for new stops or changes must be sent to the Transportation Department in writing. 

    Please note Transportation Policy changes as noted here.