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    If you are interested in any of the following: Construction, Electrician, or Manufacturing this message is for you!  York County Alliance for Learning (YCAL) has fantastic pre-apprenticeship opportunities.  Registration is now open for next year for these three programs!  Please see the three options below. 

    -Please note you need to be a current junior (senior student next year) to participate in the Kinsley pre-apprenticeship. 

    -Spots are very limited, you must be willing to attend all sessions and put forth maximum effort to participate in these opportunities.

    -The Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship has two cohorts one in the fall and one in winter (You can pick the one that best fits your schedule!)

    **If you are interested please apply ASAP.  You can follow the link below to apply.  You will also need a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor that you can email to Mr. Fake (fakec@sgasd.org) so he can send it to YCAL.

    Students can access some information and the application at: https://ycal.us/students/pre-apprenticeship/.


    The York County Alliance for Learning (YCAL) is offering a menu of virtual activities coinciding with National Manufacturing Day.  National Manufacturing day is a celebration of the Manufacturing industry, focusing on the companies and individuals who provide the goods and services that contribute so much to our economy. 

    National Manufacturing Day is celebrated across the United States annually on the first Friday in October, while YCAL typically provides multiple Manufacturing-themed programs that connect education and the manufacturing industry for the first 7-10 days in October. 

    We hope that you will consider taking advantage of these resources to engage your students in promoting career awareness.  Here is what you will need to get started:


    YCAL has developed a “National Manufacturing Day Virtual Menu” which includes 3 sections with a total of 9 unique resources to help students and educators better understand manufacturing.  An overview of each section can be found below.  CLICK HERE to download/view the menu.

    1. Section 1: Starters
      1. This section provides three (3) introductory videos produced by EdgeFactor, which have been provided to us by the Manufacturers’ Association

                                                                   i.      Click on the video title to watch the video online

    1. Section 2: Local Tour, Demo, and Presentation Videos
      1. This section provides four (4) videos provided by local York-based organizations that provide an overview of their operations

                                                                   i.      Click on the company name to watch the video online

                                                                 ii.      Video run-times range from 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 60+ minutes

    1. Section 3: Live Events
      1. This section provides two opportunities to register to attend a live panel discussion delivered via Zoom Webinars

                                                                   i.      Zoom Webinars allow attendees to listen in and ask questions via the live chat function (Attendees are not on camera or video

                                                                 ii.      Live sessions may be viewed after they have aired!

                                                               iii.      Click on the session to register to attend the live event or view the event after it has aired

    Thank you for supporting career awareness, exploration, and development.  I sincerely hope that these resources provide you with a flexible resource to help enhance your students’ career education journey.